Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMG - Here I Am!!!

I am always two steps back one step forward - now that Twittering (whatever that is) is the latest thing, here I am posting a BLOG.
I hope the US contingent had a great Thanksgiving. OMG (another one) it is December 1st already. This morning the water from yesterday's rain was frozen in pools on the sidewalk. Disheartening. It is hard to believe I didn't move south when I could, but here we are in the frozen tundra for yet another winter season. Ah well, it is beautiful here up on the coast.
Please visit my Photobucket site (see links to right) and poke around. Here is one of my monoprints/chine colle' prints from a Ron Pokrasso workshop Revised Ductwork for Water Treatment:

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