Monday, February 22, 2010

New WIP - Intaglio Snail Print

I finally created enough of a hole in the mess in my art room to use the table and press. AND I actually went in and played, I talked myself into a 15 minute session and it expanded to a little bit more.
The intaglio snail print I worked on is a WIP, not finished yet. The lines in this are very fine so I need to play with the ink a bit more to get it just right. Ink used was Graphic Chemical oil-based "mud" old ink scrapings tossed into a big jar and mixed. I cover with water to store so no hard dried surface scum forms.
If you note the clips, my EZ-no-space drying system consists of 3 long curtain rods that are on the wall. I can put small pieces like this on one clip, or hold large pieces with multiple clips.