Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Warning: Persons with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) may wish to avert their eyes. WOW This century, this decade! Years ago the government promised cheap commercial fusion reactors making energy from seawater by 2020. Only 10 more years to go and I can get rid of the oil tank in the basement, turn the heat up to 75 degrees in the winter, down to 60 in the summer and throw out all environmental consciousness with my winter clothes. So are we on track? Or have the ideas mutated into a non-feasible happenstance like my Killer Clownfish from Under Sea? Killer Clownfish From Under Sea is an original hand pulled print using oil based Graphic Chemical inks on Rives BFK paper. The plate was inked using both intaglio, relief and a la poupee methods and printed on a press. He is pretty nasty, isn't he!


  1. I have always been interested in print making I did 5 yrs in our communnity college they have the greatest print making room, but I can't find a resonably priced press extremly frustrating,
    I to love sea life and tide pools I live on vancouver Island Canada just a great place for inspirations
    Ilove your fish i don't think he's nasty

  2. Thank you so much Margaret. There are printmaking techniques that don't require a press of course, so until you save up perhaps relief or monotype methods would do. I have heard that Vancouver Island is beautiful.