Saturday, August 14, 2010

Monet in a Day No.3

I am not much of a painter as those who know me are well aware. I am taking a class that dabbles in this and that and wouldn't you know it we had to paint. So I whipped out some horrid thing. Then I used my left over paint to do a mini-faux-Monet. It was pleasing to the eye although I am sure critics will shudder at the sight of it. Anyway I made a second that is horrid and then a third faux-Monet. I can't seem to get the reeds right, no matter how small the brush it either globs or refuses to transfer paint. I have tried palette knives and toothpicks also. Sigh. Oh yes this is in acrylics and is on 8" x 10" canvas. Enjoy! or not and if not and your 2 cents is worthy, please give me pointers on doing things better.

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