Monday, September 27, 2010

Year of Chemistry 2011 - Printmakers Periodic Table Honored

Jenn Schmitt, the originator of our Printmakers Periodic Table of the Elements has sent some exciting news on about the project. Jenn can be contacted about the project at . The Printmaking Periodic Table of the Elements can be seen at the following website: My print is Rutherfordium, an element created in a race between Russia and the US by blasting various elements together at high energies. The stuff of mad scientists!

  • The Printmakers Periodic Table is being honored as part of the Year of Chemistry, 2011. The September issue of Chem 13 News magazine features the Printmaking Periodic Table as the centerfold! Their website is Copies of the magazine can be obtained by contacting the editor, Jean Hein at . Each copy is $5 (I guess Canadian). The address to contact for copies of the newsletter is:

Chem 13 news

Department of Chemistry

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

N2L 3G1 Canada

  • The Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia will be showing the Printmaking Periodic Table at a show called Elemental Matters: Artists Imagine Chemistry. The show celebrates 2011, International Year of Chemistry and features 97 artists' works from all over the globe. The opening is February 4, 2011. The shows should be fabulous, there is a wide variety of techniques and interpretations at play. I hope some of us can get to the shows.

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